Here’s a recipe of a self discovered Bread Toast and it just takes couple of minutes.


  1. Whole Wheat Bread Slices
  2. Ghee / Olive oil
  3. Basil Leaves for Seasoning
  4. Oregano for Seasoning


  1. Toast the bread slices for a minute on a hot pan until it turns golden brown. You may try this even with a toaster.
  2. Once the bread is crisp, smear 1/2tbsp of Ghee on the bread and press on the bread.
  3. Turn the bread upside down and press again. This will ensure the Ghee or olive oil is imbibed.
  4. Take the bread off the pan and place it on the plate. Toss the Oregano leaves and Basil Leaves for seasoning.
  5. Cut the bread diagonally with the knife and fold it across.

Your aromatic and tasty Bread Toast is now ready to eat!

Happy Toasting! 😃

  • Swatz